Law Scholarships

We have attempted to bring together on this page links for law scholarships on offer within the United Kingdom.  If you know of other scholarships that we have not covered then please drop us a line by e-mail so that we can add then to these pages.


Birbeck University of London - Birbeck offers The Ronnie Warrington Studentship in Law

Cambridge University - Notices of Law Scholarships at Cambridge University.

City University London - The web pages of City University London detail a host of prizes and scholarships on offer to their students and potential students.

Edinburgh University - Edinburgh offer a Postgraduate Scholarship.

Hull University - Hull University offer both Bursaries and Scholarships.  For more details visit their web page.

London School of Economics -  The LSE offers several Scholarships for the study of Accounting with Law. (Modern Law Review Scholarships)

Norwich Law School -  The Norwich Law School offers various sources of funding including scholarships and fellowships.

Nottingham School of Law - Details of the Nottingham School of Law Postgraduate Research Programme.

University of Birmingham - Birmingham offers several scholarships for the study of Law. (Law Scholarships)

University of Edinburgh -  The University of Edinburgh website gives details of numerous Law Scholarships.

University of Essex - Essex recently began to offer Postgraduate Scholarships.  The scholarships are for the department to which the student applies and are therefore not necessarily related to law.

University of Southampton  - Southampton offers 3 Law Scholarships.  International Merit Awards 1,000 pa for 3 years (up to 15 awards per year), International Major Awards 3,000 pa for 3 years (up to 3 awards per year) and The Poulter Bursary 1,850 pa for 3 years (1 award per year).


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