PERSONAL NUMBERS Would you like your own personal number to allow you to take calls almost anywhere in the world.  Whether you are traveling on holiday or on business you would be well catered for by signing up for your own personal number.  The numbers can be directed to a telephone, facsimile or mobile phone at no cost to yourself in the majority of cases.  If you think that this would be an ideal solution for yourself then click on the link to the left.


Are you looking for Legal Text Books or resource books.  If so then look no further than Amazon.  For a selection of some of the books from Amazon click on the Amazon Logo to the right.


FREEZONE INTERNET This site is powered by Freezone Internet.  Our choice for choosing Freezone was simple.  Their customer service is second to none and their staff are very friendly.  Lawfile has been with Freezone for over four years now and we are happy to promote our relationship with them.  If you need an e-mail address that allows you to download your e-mail to your computer or access it from an internet ready computer anywhere in the world then you couldn't do better than to choose Freezone.  Why not have a look at their site and solutions.


INVISIMAIL Invisimail is base in the Isle of Man and has a piece of software that you can download to allow you to encrypt your e-mail.  If you regularly send sensitive data via e-mail then why not encrypt it using e-mail.


GRISOFT Grisoft is a totally free piece of software that will scan your computer for viruses.  By clicking on this link you will be able to download the software free of charge (if you live in the UK) and protect your computer from malicious e-mails or accidental viruses etc.


ZONELABS Zonelabs offer a free firewall which will protect your computer against most if not all hackers whilst you are online.  Why not try out Zonelabs free firewall by clicking on the link to the left.


Adobe Acrobat will be required to download publications from this website.  If you do not have Adobe Acrobat then click on this link to begin downloading Acrobat Reader.


WinZip WinZip is a well known and trusted way of compressing files for archiving and uncompressing them again afterwards.



Power Archiver is a superb tool for archiving and unarchiving large files.  Powerarchiver supports many file formats including zip.


MS Word Viewer Do you need to view a Microsoft Word document but don't have access to MS Word?  Don't worry !  All you need to do is download the viewer using this link.


MS PowerPoint Viewer Do you need to view Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or slides but don't have access to MS PowerPoint?  Don't worry we have the solution for your direct from Microsoft.  The PowerPoint viewer is available from this hyperlink.


Netscape 7.0 NetScape offer a rival Internet Browser to Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Along with NetScape Navigator there is usually a web development package to alloy you to put together your own Internet sites.


IncrediMail IncrediMail is an impressive e-mail client that will allow you to read, create and send impressive looking and sounding e-mails.  If you would like to view the IncrediMail Demo then please click on this link and then click on DEMO.


Time What is the current time in Boston, London or Tokyo?  If you want to know then click on this link to the right.


Internet for Lawyers


Internet for Lawyers offers a free tour of using the Legal Internet as well as a host of useful internet websites that you may wish to visit again after your tour of the site.

Lawfile -E-mail

Lawfile is now able to offer E-mail Addresses for an annual fee of 7.50.  Your e-mail address would be  If you are interested in one of our e-mail addresses then please contact us by telephoning 07050 696816 or by e-mailing