31/12/03    Criminals face driving ban

22/12/03    Crackdown of Fireworks for under18's

22/12/03    Fewer car thefts in 2002

18/12/03    Extended Warranty market found "unfair"

03/12/03    Landmark Legislation planned for disabled people

02/12/03    Plans to put Victims first

01/12/03    Mobile Offence now is force

28/11/03    Full rights for transsexual people

27/11/03    New Bill will tighten asylum procedures

26/11/03    The Queens Speech - Key Points

21/11/03    Cash reward for naming graffiti "taggers"

11/11/03    Plan to phase in ID cards

24/10/03    UK Appoints its first female Law Lord (Lady)

09/10/03    Human Rights Lawyer wins Nobel Peace Price

14/07/03    DCA Unveils plans for a Supreme Court

12/07/03    Barristers want Politicians to stay out of reforms